A modern sawmill

A modern sawmill

Our sawmill was completely modernised in 2021. In 2010 we overhauled our strategy and closed down almost all normal sawmill operations. Today, we only saw small sawtimber from carefully selected areas. We produce high-quality sawn timber components such as square-sawn and other small-sized timber for the construction and furniture industries. A large part of our production still goes to our own board manufacture.


Our customers are our priority

Our goal is always long-term cooperation with our customers. This means we can offer our customers the most cost-effective and high-quality solution possible for their needs. We offer our customers precisely the forest product they need. Thus, we are able to saw exactly the size each customer needs.


Extra service through by-products

Our production has a good energy balance, as we primarily use bark, a by-product of sawing timber, to generate energy for our heat power plant. We make fuel pellets from sawdust and the by-products of timber conversion, and supply woodchips as raw material for pulp. The smoky fumes emitted by our heat power plant are cleaned thoroughly. When used for heating, wood only produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as it would release through natural decay. Continual emission monitoring allows us to keep emissions low.


Manufacturing chain of our felleries