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Ideas for DIY

Our ideas page displays furniture that other people have made to give you ideas for your own building projects. We add ideas to our website all the time, so check out our Pinterest account for new trends and tips. Be inspired and fall in love!



Lamboard Corner Joint 

The Lamboard Corner Joint makes woodworking easier. You can use the Lamboard Corner Joint to join 18 mm glued boards.

The joint is strong, with no unnecessary screw holes. All you need is the Lamboard Corner Joint pieces, glued boards and wood glue. For instructions, click the link in the headline.

Make it yours and build it

Finnish pine is an excellent choice for making many different types of furniture. It’s easy to make a small piece out of glued board when you have a saw and battery-powered drill to hand. Depending on your skills, you can plan furniture for many uses: the summer cottage, the children’s bedroom, the hallway, the garage, the storeroom, and why not the living room too?



How to take care

Lamboard shelving system

The product’s modularity gives it a variety of uses. For example, the shelf brackets can be fixed directly to the wall or attached via a rail. You’ll get a shelf of just the right size and colour, as well as the correct set of screw attachments.

The products are not sold in assembled form. By joining the parts, you can create many different combinations:


Be inspired and fall in love!

Glued pine board is a good choice for the novice woodworker. As a material, glued board is durable and easy to use. Finishing off the piece of furniture is easy, as the surface of the board is planed at the factory. All you have to do is level the sawn surfaces with sandpaper, and then your piece of furniture is ready to be waxed or varnished.

In finished furniture, the surface-treated glued board keeps its shape well, retaining moisture better than chipboard. Wooden furniture is light, durable and easy to repair.

Sale of Lamboard products

Board products and shelving systems are on sale in all good hardware stores. They take care of the retail of our products. 

The stores selling Lamboard products offer a variety of board sizes and thicknesses. The intended use of the board determines the size of the material. Furniture, for example, calls for thinner board than stairs. Our woodworking instructions list the board measurements and amounts needed for each example piece of furniture.

Store Lamboard board correctly

The way you store glued board plays a crucial role in the successful end result. Careless storage may damage glued board, making it unworkable. To maintain the high quality of glued board, observe the following:

  • Transport and store the glued board in its plastic packaging to keep it clean, free of scratches and at the right humidity level.
  • If you’re not going to work the board straight after buying it, store it flat on an even surface. As an organic material, wood may bend or warp if propped against a wall for a long time.
  • The glued board should be stored away from sunlight in a dry storage area at a constant temperature.
  • The board should be worked and surface-treated as soon as possible after it is taken out of the packaging. In other cases, the product should be protected from damp or from drying out between work sessions.