From forest to the customer


Timber procurement

Our timber procurement is based on the principles of sustainable forestry. The PEFC certificate of origin to verify that the timber used in our products originates in sustainably managed forests. We are able to track the timber’s journey from the forest to the mill and all the way to the customer.


100% of our timber comes from Finnish forest companies and local forestry management associations, all of which have committed to producing certified timber. The vast majority of the timber we use is small-diameter pine and spruce, which we obtain from plantation forests when they are thinned . The forests from which we obtain our timber are within 150 km of Soini. The short transport distances for the raw material save costs and preserve the environment.





Sustainably into the future

We respect the diversity of nature in all our operations. We want to ensure that the forest retains its yield and renewability. A wisely managed forest will continue to serve future generations as a source of material and spiritual wellbeing. 

Production that is sustainable in terms of quality, finances and the environment is a matter of honour for us. The thought at the core of our operations is a managed production chain all the way from the forest to the customer.


Strict quality requirements

Kohiwood is part of the PEFC certification scheme for Finnish forests, which sets several quality requirements for forest care. Kohiwood also holds its own PEFC-audited timber chain of custody certificate number 103237-2011-AE-FIN-SINAS. Auditing is carried out annually.

In reforestation only Finnish tree species, which are important sources of forest diversity, are planted. This preserves the banks of streams and small groves, avoids the use of chemical pesticides and protects the right to ramble freely in the forest. 

The amount of felling in Finnish forests is proportionally larger than in any other northern conditions. Still, the number of trees in forests has grown continuously for more than a decade. This has been made possible by good forest management and long-term knowledge and skill, which is also sought after elsewhere in the world. It has also guaranteed the preservation of old forests in protected areas.